Terms about care homes around the World


In almost every country we have a different names and different scope of services. The general importance is that the care home is a place for people who needs nursing care. Care homes are related to all people but we are describing only care homes dedicated to elderly.

Elderly people

The average life length is growing. Children don’t have time for take a full care of their loved ones. Sometimes old people are just alone and sick. People from different reasons need to find a proper care. The mental or physical disabilities getting too difficult to overcome. Because of illnesses most of them need special, professional care. “Analysis of recent studies suggests that in excess of 80% of residents living in care homes have dementia or significant memory problems.” – Alzheimer’s Society (UK).

In the US we are using a term Seniors or Senior citizens but worldwide usage is Elderly.

According to United Nations, the Elderly people are 60+ years old.

Care homes

A care home term is in use in England. In Wales widespread use is residential home but in Singapur, North Ireland and Mexico we have a nursing home; a lifecare residence in New Zealand. Considering, in all those location, we can use the widespread term – care home to be well understood. But we need to remember, if we are looking for the care home on the Internet, the phrases can be different according to a common, locally usage.

We can find other terms in use like: overseas residential, retirement villages, elderly care resorts, elderly accommodation. We will try to describe the differences and all types of care homes in detailed studies.