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SASCO DACE was formed by SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home in Sep 2008 and was officially opened by Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Industry & Ministry of Information, Communication and Arts, MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC on 18 Jul 2010. With effect from Mar 01, 2012, the Ministry of Health has designated this centre as a Dementia Day Care Centre. It will admit clients clinically diagnosed as having dementia.

The program in the SASCO DACE is tailored to meet the needs of functionally and cognitively impaired elderly through an individual plan of care. These structured, comprehensive programs provide a variety of health, social and recreation activities, and other related support services in therapeutic and protective settings.

The co-operative movement in Singapore was constantly facing new challenges to meet the rising demand of its members from the changing socio economic environment.

The ageing population in Singapore was a concern that attracted the attention of the co-operative movement. SASCO Ltd, comprising of 17 affiliates, thus set about the task to provide a shelter for the elderly destitute.

SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home was setup in a void deck of an HDB estate for 5 senior citizens initially. The home at Block 30, #01-316 Telok Blangah Rise was officially declared open on the 18 July 1981 by the then Acting Minister for Social Affairs, Dr. Ahmad Matter.

The Objectives of the Home are:

  • To provide accommodation and basic necessities to the aged destitute regardless of race, religion or creed
  • To bring cheer into the lives of our senior citizens in their twilight years.

The SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home had moved from Telok Blangah Rise to 30 Hong San Terrace, Singapore 688 246 in June 2006. The maximum capacity of the Home is 102.

Admission to the Home is open to citizens or permanent residents who are sixty years and above and who are mobile and free from infectious and chronic diseases.

The SASCO Home residents are constantly entertained by generous and caring organizations like community centres, temple organizations, schools, clan associations, foundations like Lee Foundation, Hong Leong Foundation and Shaw foundation, SAF Army units, Unions, Clubs, Grassroot Leaders and individuals. The residents of the Home are treated to lunches, dinners, gifts and hongbaos.

The SASCO Home is run by a Management Committee which comprises of members of different walks of life.

Home’s Motto :
Always adapt to the needs of our residents

Home’s Values :
Compassion, Commitment, Dedication, Professionalism, Integrity, Respect, Responsive

Home’s Philosophy :

  • To assist every residents to do what they cannot do for themselves
  • To establish a homely environment in the home
  • To demonstrate at all times a positive attitude to the care of the older people
  • To provide a high standard of care for the residents
  • To treat every resident as a special individual
  • To encourage family members to visit the residents at the Home

Home’s Activities :
To enable each resident to do what they cannot do for themselves and assist the residents to maintain their dignity and individual freedom.

SASCO Home conducts a wide range of activities that promotes health and well being for the frail elderly. They are :

  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise
  • Art & Craft
  • Music & movement therapy
  • Outdoor activities
  • Counseling
  • Reality orientation
  • Sensor therapy
  • Recreational
  • Mini workshops
  • Competitions
  • Art Therapy
  • Festive celebrations


To render eldercare services with utmost compassion and commitment


To promote a better quality of life for our elders and their families with dependable and affordable care

Home Activities

Outdoor activities :

1. Lantern night walk
2. Deepavali lights in little india
3. Lala workout
4. Merchant loop lunch
5. Cultural activities


  • Activities Onsite
  • Aging in Place
  • Day Care
  • Medication Monitoring

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