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Nursing Resort Pattaya enables your loved ones (and you) to maintain a well-deserved quality of life. Our experienced, compassionate and rigorously screened caregivers allow them to do just that.

Families seeking long-term care for their aging loved ones now have something they never had before: a choice that doesn’t force them  to choose between moving Mom and Dad into a nursing home or becoming prime caregivers themselves.

Providing continuous attention, our caregivers offer companionship and help with daily activities, mobility and much more. We can bring in a wide range of skilled caregivers – including those with specialized backgrounds.

Having Nursing Resort Pattaya by your side also enables rest, free time and peace of mind for family members, knowing your loved ones will never be alone. We can also help with transportation to doctor and physical therapy appointments and more.


  • Outdoor pool
  • Private bathroom
  • Shops
  • SPA
  • Telephone
  • TV
  • WiFi


At Nursing Resort Pattaya, we are committed to keeping you active:
- Shopping
- Aquatic fitness and therapy
- Fishing
- Massage
- Continuing Education
- Birding
- Art/Painting
- Photography
- Picnics
- Music
- Swimming
- and more

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ThailandThais are known for their exceptional hospitality, one reason why Thailand is one of Asia’s top tourism destinations. More than a million foreigners travel to Thailand every year to get medical and surgical procedures done.  Over the years Thailand has gained reputation as a high-quality and reliable medical tourism destination. Up to 1.2 million individuals traveled to the south-east Asian

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