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Ling Kwang Home was established in 31 December 1983 as a nursing home to provide the elderly with the care and attention they deserve. An extended building was completed in November 1992 to cope with the demand for more bed space. Ling Kwang Home is a nursing home based on Christian values.


The Home serves a maximum capacity of 350 elderly residents, with a majority of them who are wheelchair-bound or bedridden. In addition, we are equipped with elderly care facilities that are able to provide convenience. We also have a Day Rehabilitative Centre serving the elderly living within the vicinity. Our non-emergency ambulances with hydraulic lift facilities are available to transport these elderly clients.

Besides providing them with physical care, we also believe in addressing the Pastoral/social and emotional needs to ensure that our elderly are receiving holistic care in all areas. Pastoral/social care counseling by experienced staff is provided to those who are in need. The elderly residents are encouraged to stay as healthy and active as possible.

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SingaporeSingapore, one of the most developed countries in Asia, has become one of the most popular health tourism destination in the world. Central to this development has been governments concerted push to develop the city state into a regional hub for medical tourism, with a focus on providing world-class facilities and highly trained healthcare workers.

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