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We believe in treating the whole person, not just the illness.

Our method of healthcare is designed to cater to the needs of each patient in order to provide a positive experience. We feature patient-centered services based on individual needs and customized care. Our facilities offer specialized short stay rehabilitation with the goal to return home, as well as long term skilled nursing care for patients needing those services.

We strive to provide services for our patients to live fulfilled, satisfied, and healthy lives. We know your family member is a unique individual, and we strive to demonstrate that knowledge through our personalized care.

  • Specialized Rehabilitation Services
  • Clinical Services
  • Long Term – Skilled Nursing Care
  • Palliative/Hospice Services


  • Private bathroom
  • Telephone
  • TV


Covenant Dove’s mission is "Serving the Needs of Our Communities, One Patient at a Time." Our patients are individuals, with unique issues and needs, and we are dedicated to serving those needs through our shared core values.

These values must be embraced by all Covenant Dove employees and incorporated into the way we conduct our business, in our communities and for our patients.

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United States

United StatesThe United States has one the most technologically advanced medical care in the world. Leading US international hospitals have been serving cross-border patients for decades. Between 60,000 to 85,000 medical tourists travel to the United States for the purpose of receiving medical care. The availability of advanced medical technology and sophisticated training of physicians are

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