• Semi-Private

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    Room facilities:Kitchenette, Shared bathroom

    Dedicated for two roommates with separate beds and a bathroom (shared). A kitchenette – may also include.

  • Studio

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    Room facilities:Bathroom, Complimentary Transportation, Day Care, Dining Room, Hospice Available, Library, Outdoor pool

    Offered to one person with a single bed and bathroom.


Welcome to Carewell Service’s House of Help and Care (in Thai: Baan Tschuai Duu Lää). We are a Swiss-owned and operated care home for the elderly and infirm. Baan Tschuai Duu Lää specializes in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care as well as physical rehabilitation after accidents, strokes and neural incidences.

In this section we wish to introduce you to our concept and vision and our owner and Managing Director Anita Somaini. Chose what you want to learn from the selection below. (You can use the main navigation above to access all information)

Guests suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases can spend their retirement in a pleasant, quiet and relaxed atmosphere at Baan Tschuai Duu Lää.

Considering the full scope of what we can offer, this is more than just an alternative to the existing care concepts in Europe. We are a small, family run care home with clear and familiar structures, this gives our guests more of a feeling of personal free space and privacy. While at the same time, our around-the-clock nurses provide constant personal care and companionship.


  • Activities Onsite
  • Aging in Place
  • Air Condition
  • Airport Shuttle Servoce
  • Bathroom
  • Clubroom
  • Day Care
  • Dining Room
  • Doctor on Call
  • Lounge
  • Meals Provided
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Outdoor pool
  • Private bathroom
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • SPA
  • Telephone
  • TV
  • WiFi


Whether it is familiar music from home; home theater singing (karaoke); painting; arts and crafts; puzzles; games or something else that is preferred, we provide an array of activities and entertainment as an intricate part of our personal care. We understand, like you and me, we each have our own preferences and treat each resident and guest as an individual. Our personal caregivers learn which activities our residents and guests prefer, whether it is an individual or group activity. As we come to know our residents and guests, we also introduce them to new things we think they will enjoy.

Entertainment for the elderly does not differ fundamentally from entertainment for people of other ages. Some prefer to folk music while others prefer classical. As we grow older, we are not always easily influenced by new trends, but this does not mean that the new is always rejected. For instance, some may have grown up with rock ‘n roll and pop music but others just simply prefer it, now.

What was important and fashionable in our youth, will always have a special place in our memories. The first love for music and movies from this period were formative and will be never be forgotten. Therefore, that style of music and particular movies will have a major significance, especially in our old age.

Anyone who has read extensively in their life would like to do so in old age, despite the decreasing visual acuity of the eyes. Unfortunately, if becomes more of an effort. As reading becomes more strenuous, the breaks we take from reading must be longer and finally only newspapers can be read. Being read aloud to and audiobooks can fill this gap, at least partially.

YouTube and other online sites offer a virtually unlimited source of short films, music videos, concerts, audio books, theater, musicals, operas and more.

Crossword puzzles are also popular with our guests. We often do these as a group activity, with two or more teams to creating a little friendly competition. This activity combines and stimulates the skills of reading, writing, exercising the memory and puzzle solving.

Card games are popular. We are often astonished by discussions ensuing from the games. It may not always be Jass (a traditional Swiss card game) that is being played, we often interchange with different memory games or the Joker card game which are entertaining and funny.

Many of our seniors have great fun dancing. But the reluctance of the men does not deter the ladies. They simply dance with each other on the dance floor.

We also use tablet computers as a source of entertainment. There are countless free games available. Many can be played easily even without prior knowledge or hands that are not so certain. The experiences of our guests and the insight we have gained are very positive and promising.

Finally, even our pets play an important role. Our fish, birds, dogs and turtles must be fed and cared for. Every resident and guest is encouraged to participate.

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