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Adam Road Medical Centre (ARMC) is a private psychiatric medical centre with a multi-disciplinary mental health care team dedicated to preventing and treating mental ill health and promoting mental wellness. We provide an ideal environment for the comprehensive approach that is needed for the effective treatment of psychiatric disorders. Evaluation and treatment are available to patients of all ages and needs, ranging from acute emotional disorders to difficulties in managing life stress or interpersonal conflict. ARMC is staffed by Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists and counsellors.

Our Specialist Clinics provide consultation, diagnostic and therapeutic services including Psychological Assessment, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Group Therapy and Counselling.

Old Age Psychiatry Clinic, also referred to as Psychogeriatrics and Geriatric Psychiatry, treats mental health problems that the elderly faces.

The Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology Unit provides expert medico-legal assessment, opinion and court attendance.

The Family and Marital Therapy Clinic provides counselling services to individuals, couples and families with relationship difficulties.

The School and College Psycho-Educational Unit provides specialty services for students with problems.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Unit
The Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Unit provides comprehensive assessment and treatment for children and adolescents experiencing emotional and behavioural disorders. Treatment approaches include individual and group psychotherapy, therapeutic community and family therapy.

Our Mission

At Adam Road Medical Centre, the total well-being of our clients is our primary concern.

Our dedicated team of multidisciplinary health professionals is committed to:

  • treating mental ill-health through our quality and affordable patient care facilities;
  • preventing mental ill-health and promoting mental wellness through our public awareness programmes, with Excellence-In-Service as Our Aim.

Adam Road Medical Centre is also part of Pacific Healthcare:

  • Pacific Healthcare is an integrated healthcare provider offering a comprehensive range of services in specialist medical care, general practice medicine, dentistry, health screening, wellness services, as well as the operation of nursing homes, day surgery centres and a compounding pharmacy. Our integrated healthcare services allows patients to be treated in a multi-disciplinary manner supported by a team of more than 100 dedicated healthcare professionals through a wide network of clinics and facilities designed for the patients total health and well-being. We aim to be the premier healthcare group in the region, renowned for our Care, Compassion and Medical Excellence.

Our Services

Adam Road medical Centre (ARMC) provides assessment and treatment for a wide array of mental health problems including depression, anxiety, stress-related disorders, sleep disorders, psychotic disorders, and psychological issues related to medical conditions for all ages. We also provide follow up and maintenance therapy for those patients who have been discharged from hospital.
Services provided include:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Medication management
  • Psychiatric and psychological evaluations
  • Hypnotherapy

Old Age Psychiatry Clinic
Psychiatry of the elderly is also referred to as Psychogeriatrics, Geriatric Psychiatry or Old Age Psychiatry. We access and treat common psychiatric syndromes of old age including dementia, mood and anxiety disorders and late-onset psychosis. The field of Old Age Psychiatry also manages people over 65 years old who have developed psychiatric disorder at an earlier age. We also provide medico-legal assessments for the elderly pertaining to testamentary capacity and mental competence to manage their affairs.

Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology Unit
We provide expert assistance to individuals and institutions, plaintiffs and defendants, attorneys and the courts in evaluating psychological factors relevant to civil and criminal proceedings.

Family, Marriage and Sex therapy Clinic
We offer counselling services for individuals, couples, and families to help resolve relationship difficulties concerning depression, drug or alcohol abuse, low confidence, stress, anger as well as sexuality and expression.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Unit
The Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Unit provides psychological assessment and treatment of physical aggression, anxiety disorders, psychoses, antisocial behavior, school problems, affective disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders and a range of adjustment problems. The emphasis of treatment is placed on each child’s needs within the unique context of their familial, social, and cultural life and helping the child or adolescent acquire positive coping skills, as well as develop independent social skills within a support network of family and friends. The Consulting Psychiatrist may work in conjunction with a family therapist or other treatment providers when beneficial. Family involvement and liaison with schools is paramount in treatment.

Psychological Assessment
ARMC is equipped with up-to-date psychological tests for children, adolescents and adults. A psychological evaluation may be conducted:

  • To determine the individual’s current level of intellectual functioning or intellectual potential.
  • To predict school achievement.
  • To determine if a child’s poor performance in school is a function of low ability or are other factors responsible.
  • To rule out learning disability.
  • To screen for brain damage.
  • To determine the individual’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • To appraise the individual’s personality make up, interpersonal characteristics or style.


  • Aging in Place
  • Day Care
  • Doctor on Call
  • Medication Monitoring
  • SPA

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